At B-Epic it is our commitment to provide our customers and Independent Brand Partners with a .truly epic experience

State-of-the-Art Cloud Technology

B-Epic utilizes state-of-the-art technology to maximize efficiency, control costs, ensure quality, and give our Brand Partners an unmatched cloud-based business opportunity.



The B-Epic Cloud Management System allows for increased operational manageability and responsiveness with reduced overhead and hard costs. As a result, we invest more in our Brand Partners through one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the industry today! Plus, due to its dynamic functionality, our leading operational system fully supports seamless scalability and face-paced growth!


As an independent B-Epic business owner, you get full access to our easy-to-use online business management tools and reporting system, including robust team and sales tracking, order management, commissions, member and customer support, and more!


Cutting-Edge Extract Technologies


Working together our team of top scientists, nutritionists, formulators, and health and wellness specialists are committed to developing the most advanced performance products on the market.

Our products are based on the latest research of the raw ingredients used for centuries in ancient medicinal practices from around the world.

To ensure maximum potency, we source the purest, whole food ingredients and utilize modern extract technologies.

In addition to using only the highest quality raw materials, our products are made in our top-notch manufacturing facility to guarantee quality.





B-Epic's cutting-edge performance product, ELEV8, is created from the world's most pure whole food, herbal, and medicinal mushroom extracts in order to give your body a daily boost of energy, endurance, healing, and overall feeling of well-being.

At the core of ELEV8 is a powerful Adaptagenic formula that blends ancient Tibetan, Russian, and Chinese medicine together in a way that amplifies your body and mind.

Naturally increase energy levels, destroy fatigue, enhance focus and clarity, and boost your performance…all without the uncomfortable jitters, headaches, moodiness, and other serious side effects caused by energy drinks.

Plus, fortify supercharge your immune system as well as your body's natural ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and improve oxygen utilization. As the fog clears from your brain and the natural calm energy flows through your system, your body and mind will feel rejuvenated and revitalized.

Find out for yourself all of the life-changing benefits that come with this powerful elixir of energy, vitality, and overall health and order your sample of ELEV8 today.

ELEV8 Sample Pack 10 Capsules


ELEV8 Single Pack 30 Capsules



ELEV8 Leader Pack 70 Capsules


Lose Weight Naturally While Fast Asleep

ACCELER8 (White Pill)

Click here to view ACCELER8 Sleep's Supplement Facts.

Sleep serenely lulls the mind and body so you can get a full night's sleep and wake up feeling rested. It contains our all-natural Deep Slumber Blend, Stress Melt Blend, and Max Bioavailability Blend that harmoniously promote mental and physical relaxation and improve sleep quality. Its formulated to help you naturally and effortlessly unwind from your day, fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly, and not feel groggy in the morning.


Stress on the body spikes cortisol levels and decreases serotonin levels – both of which can negatively impact sleep quality and cause weight gain. ACCELER8 Sleep is formulated to help the body feel more relaxed – naturally balancing serotonin and lowering cortisol – leading to the best night's sleep ever. You may sleep deeper, perhaps the benefits will extend into the next day as well. You may wake up more refreshed with increased energy and elevated mood! 

ACCELER8 (Purple Pill

Click here to view ACCELER8 Detox's Supplement Facts.

This detox could naturally restore balance to the body and digestive system. It is packed with three proprietary blends – Digestive Balance Blend, Gentle Sculpting Blend, and Prebiotic, Probiotic & Enzyme Blend – that have a gentle detoxing effect, may promote weight loss, and work synergistically to improve digestive function, aid the body in cleansing itself of toxins, and contribute to a healthy immune system.


Our powerful Digestive Balance Blend was formulated to promote a healthy digestive system. In turn, a healthy digestive system promotes higher nutrient absorption and energy utilization leaving you feeling great and craving healthier foods.

The all-natural Gentle Sculpting Blend is designed to assist in eliminating intestinal build up that can cause a bloated, lethargic feeling. Removing pounds of waste build-up will leave you feeling lighter and revitalized.

Prebiotic, Probiotic & Enzymes combine to assist in restoring the ideal microbiome composition in the gut. High carbohydrate diets as well as a lack of probiotics and enzymes in the diet cause an increase in unwanted gut bacteria like candida which leads to a myriad of diseases and other health issues. The ideal ratio of 'good' bacteria to 'bad' bacteria is 85% to 15%. High quality probiotics increase the number of 'good' bacteria while the prebiotic fibers feeds only the 'good' bacteria helping restore proper balance in the most complex system in the body. But not all probiotics are created equal. Many probiotics that are sold on the market have a 90%+ kill rate before the probiotics make it to the gut where they are needed; meaning that if the capsule has 10 billion CFU per serving over 9 billion will die in the harsh hydrochloric acid in the stomach and be over 90% useless. The probiotic spores used in ACCELER8 are naturally acid stable spores with over 95% survivability rate – making them dramatically more beneficial. Results matter most – not numbers on a label that prove useless when taken.

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Acceler8 One Month Supply 60 Capsules



Acceler8 Leaders Pack 2 Boxes Of Acceler8 60ct Each



We are so sure our products will make a positive difference in your life that it is backed by a 30-Day, No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee.





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